Gutter guards are an easy fix to a clogging gutter system. As                                                                        we all know gutters get clogged by all kinds of debris, leaf's,                                                                          sticks, and more . We, here at OMG, have picked one of the                                                                        most affordable gutter guard system that will work great                                                                        for your home. This system is designed to give you several years of leaf free gutters. So put away the ladder and garden hose, never to use it for the dreaded task of cleaning out them gutters again. Let OMG take that chore off your honey do list for good . 

Flip Elbows

Flip elbows are ideal for any downspout that drains into the grass. Making it easier to mow the area around your down spout. With a quick flip it folds right out of your way. In the picture below we are showing you, this home owner has used this flip elbow for a rain collection barrel. When the barrel is full the home owner lets down the elbow so the water may flow past the barrel.

hidden hangers

Gutter Hangers 

Here you can see the two types of hangers we use for our gutter systems. The preferred way is the quick screw hanger system, which is installed into fascia (as shown in picture to left).  

In the picture below, you can see are strap hangers which are installed on the roof due to unlevel fascia. 

Both are equally supportive and durable. 


We, here at Oh My Gutters (OMG), have come up with what is the best and most affordable gutter systems you can buy. On this page we touch on some of these components. It starts with the gutter itself, here we supply some of the best finishes with long lasting color.  Durability is very important to your gutter systems. So we run the thickest gutters on the market! Our gutter systems will not crush simply because you put a ladder against them to clean your gutters out. 




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